Kvotter is a mobile app for people who consistently highlight, store and share parts from anything they read. So idea behind this app is simple. You are reading a book by Seth Godin. You enjoy what you read and start “cropping” out the paragraphs and quotes you enjoy the most. Let’s say you have 57 quotes and paragraphs stored under one book title. You also get a chance to share your 57 quotes with other users of this app and also social media in general.

Kvotter team has integrated OCR Scanner and cool interface that makes reading more entertaining. Plus you become an influencer with information that you share. Because people discover new books and authors after your sharing. Every part of the book or quote (maximum 500 symbols) is photoscanned and converted to text immediately. Then you tag source and author and this way become affiliate endorser for platforms such as Amazon.

App is also convenient for academic audience who does tons of reading for research. Instead of writting and highlighting you do “kvotting”.
So you don’t need pen or any other device. All you need is mobile phone. Which is already a next generation library already. (Ebooks and e-articles are on the list of source you can kvot from).

Kvotter team believes that information must be accessible to everyone around the globe. Today we all have cell phones. And they make Kvotter a gateway for new idea generators and opinion makers.

If you get to bottom of this app you see that team is aiming to make any international phenomena (be it an author, philosopher or economist) available to people who live in remote places where library does not exist and book is one of the “luxuries” to afford.

Right now Kvotter is built for Android phones.




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